Sunday, March 20, 2016

Sunday Salon

It's springtime in New York and life has been busy.

Except for this past week both my husband and I have been sick with strep. But that's a minor detail all things considered. Two weeks ago my family experienced a loss- the last of my grandmother's siblings passed away in New York. I met Uncle Declan only a couple of times but he was legendary in the family for his travels through Ireland in the 1960s, which helped inspire my own travels in that country. It was sad to say goodbye.

The highlight of the last week was a talk I attended at Scandinavia House on the new Akashic Books crime anthology Stockholm Noir. Nathan Larson, one of the two editors, gave a brief presentation followed by questions and talked about how he was trying to present a picture of the social changes in the city by focusing on immigrant groups and the suburbs of Stockholm. He definitely sold me on the book.

Yesterday my husband and I took a nice long walk in midtown and visited my favorite quilt shop (Gotham Quilts), bookstore (Kinokuniya) and department store (Bloomingales, not that I can afford to actually shop there, lol) and topped it off with a sidewalk pretzel. And it was a beautiful spring day even if it was a touch on the chilly side.

Today they're forecasting colder weather and maybe even snow (!) so it'll be books and laundry for me today. Maybe some sewing, with that new fabric I bought yesterday.

What are you up to today? Have a great Sunday.

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Melissa said...

We cleaned up today, did a bit of laundry and are now just chilling - sauce is cooking! :)