Thursday, April 7, 2016

New On the Shelf, March Edition

I added a bunch of new things to my bookshelf in March. Partly this is because I went home to Cambridge for Easter and did the rounds at my favorite bookstores, and partly it's just because I've been a little more shoppy than usual in NYC.

I finally picked up My Struggle Book 1, by Karl Knausgaard, and The Story of the Lost Child, by Elena Ferrante. I've been curious about My Struggle for a while, and feel an obligation to complete my collection of Ferrante's Neapolitan novels as well. They both came from HousingWorks Books.

I bought Stockholm Noir at the event for the book at Scandinavia House. I'm planning to bring this on the plane with me when I go to San Francisco in May. I think it will be perfect airplane reading.

The Best Place on Earth, stories by Ayelet Tsabari, is the current winner of the Sami Rohr Prize given by the Jewish Book Council. I have a great history of loving Sami Rohr books so I'm excited about this collection of short stories.

Jassy Mackenzie's The Fallen came from Harvard Book Store in Cambridge. I love her and got this as a sort of treat to counterbalance some of the less-fun crime I've been reading as part of the crime reading group I joined. Maybe this will come on my trip, too.

The other day I was at Kinokuniya Books, my favorite midtown bookstore, and picked up two things- Mick Jackson's Yuki Chan in Bronte Country and
Yukio Mishima's Confessions of a Mask. The former is a fun-looking book about a young Japanese girl solving a family mystery in England and the latter is a more serious treatment of being gay in Japan.

Finally, Random House sent me a galley of Emma Cline's summer smash-to-be The Girls, about young women joining a cult. I can't wait!

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