Monday, August 8, 2016

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

We moved, and I'm finally settled down enough to start blogging again.

In the past couple of weeks I started and stopped a bunch of books, but I did manage to finish a couple- So Much For That Winter, by Dorthe Nors, for the Nordic Book Club, and Sweet Lamb of Heaven, by Lydia Millet, just for me. Both were edgy and off-the-beaten-path in their own way. So Much was comprised of two novellas each written in lists and having to do with romantic breakups. Sweet Lamb was about a woman hiding from her husband and accompanied by her small daughter. The woman, Anna, has contact with the supernatural and lives among a group of misfits in a Maine motel as she waits for the other shoe to drop. I enjoyed it but it's not going to be something for everyone.

As far as what I'm reading now, I'm still picking my way through The City of Mirrors. We only just got the new apartment up and running enough for me to relax with a book but I'm doing the best I can.
I'm also reading Jeff Vandermeer's Authority, sequel to Annihilation and volume 2 in his Southern Reach trilogy. It's good but slow.

Finally I started The Man Without a Face: The Unlikely Rise of Vladimir Putin, by Masha Gessen, because for some reason it feels relevant right now. I haven't opened the box that contains the other book I was reading at my bedside table before the move, so I'll get back to that eventually!

What are you reading today?

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