Thursday, December 29, 2016

Books Against Humanity

Time for end of the year book quizzes! Yay! I found this book meme on LibraryThing.On this one you're supposed to answer the questions with titles of books read in 2016. Think of it as Cards Against Humanity with book titles.

Describe yourself: The Girl on the Train

How do you feel? Ill Will

Describe where you currently live: Fun Home

If you could go anywhere...? The Barbary Coast

Favorite form of transportation: The Passage

Your best friend is: The Pirate

You and your friends are: The Bad-Ass Librarians of Timbuktu

What's the weather like? So Much for that Winter

Your favorite time of day is: The Twelve

What is life for you? A Season with the Witch

You fear: The Haunting of Hill House

Best advice: Chocolates for Breakfast

Thought for the day:Let the Games Begin

How you would like to die: Cinnamon and Gunpowder


dm said...

Hello, I came across your blog through your review of 'Glaciers' on Librarything. I liked Glaciers quite a bit too, and I see that 'The Sparrow' is on your list of favorites so I think I can trust your reviews.:-) This tag idea is hilarious, I'm going through it now. What fun! Can I share it on Facebook? Would you like your blog link to be included?

Marie Cloutier said...

thanks!! I'm so glad to hear you're enjoying my blog! Yes and yes! :-)

dm said...

Here is my list, I couldn't resist:

Describe yourself: Not That Sort of Girl

How do you feel? The Enchanted

Describe where you currently live: Station Eleven

If you could go anywhere...? Toujours Provence

Favorite form of transportation: Travels

Your best friend is: Tigerman

You and your friends are: The Magicians

What's the weather like? The Paris Winter

Your favorite time of day is: The Gap of Time

What is life for you? The Book of Speculation

You fear: Blindness

Best advice: Speak

Thought for the day: Hold the Dark

How you would like to die: Shadow and Bone

Marie Cloutier said...

I love it! Thanks for sharing!

As the Crowe Flies and Reads said...

This looks really fun! I'll have to browse through my 2016 reads to see if I have enough books in there to make for a funny/interesting list. Hmmm...