Tuesday, January 31, 2017

It's Monday (Or Tuesday!) What Are You Reading?

So I waited a day to update because I was thisclose to finishing Selection Day and I wanted to have something new to tell you about. I did finish it late last night, and started on a new book to boot.

I decided to treat myself to a C├ęsar Aira book, since I need a little self-care at the moment. Dinner is another short one, really a novella, and I hear tell it is about zombies. I just started it and it opens with a rumination on names- how in conversation and memory, one name leads to another. You mention someone, and that leads to "oh isn't that so-and-so's what-have-you, who used to live next door to this one, who went to school with that other one," and on and on. In typical Aira fashion he meanders from one topic to the next with no real plot in sight- at least until it gets to the zombies. So that's where we are now.

Everything else I'm reading is the same this week. Still enjoying Food City although I've been crashing and burning at night and not reading it consistently, and I'll probably finish A Fifty-Year Silence later this week.

Again with the no-comments, but I hope you're enjoying your reading and your life this week.