Wednesday, March 8, 2017

My 2,000th Book

So I realized that I recently added my 2,000th book to my account! I know some of you have more books than that but this is a big milestone for me. This number includes books that I no longer own as well as library books, audiobooks and e-books, so it's not like I have 2006 books (the total) hanging around in my 1,060sqft apartment. Hardly. Although my number doesn't include my husband's books. Huh.

Anyway so the award goes to The Revolution of the Moon, by Andrea Camilleri, an Italian best known for his Inspector Montalbano procedural crime novels. This book is a departure for him, historical fiction about Eleanora de Mourra, who ruled Sicily for just 27 days before the Catholic Church brought her down.

Like many if not all of Camilleri's books it's set in Sicily but not the present-day Sicily of his crime series; this book is set in 1677 and includes all kinds of intrigue and shenanigans. Sounds like fun! It comes out from Europa Editions in April.

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