Saturday, June 24, 2017

What I'm Reading This Summer

*subject to me changing my mind

So like a lot of people I'm thinking about summer reading and pulling things from my TBR piles to have handy on trips, weekends and the lazy afternoons and evenings to come. Summer just makes you want to sit around and when I sit around I typically have a book or two in hand. Here are some new releases I'm looking forward to during the dog days.

The Essex Serpent, by Sarah Perry. This book, a hit in Great Britain, is a historical novel about a widow who stumbles on a local myth and a compelling stranger.

Beautiful Animals, by Laurence Osborne. I always look forward to Osborne's mesmerizing novels, always a heady mix of compelling plot and travelogue-ready setting.

Less, by Andrew Sean Greer, is my pick for beach book of the summer, about a man who's turning 50 as his much-younger boyfriend is about to get married. It's been called a "breakout romantic comedy" from this author of literary novels. I can't wait to tuck it into my boat-and-tote when I hit the beaches of Nantucket this season.

Brave Deeds, by David Abrams, has been described as a "powerful novel of war, brotherhood and America." I haven't read Abrams' books before and I'm really excited to start here.

The Burning Girl, by Claire Messud. I heard Messud speak at BEA and was captivated. Her latest  is "compact, compelling, and ferociously sad," "a story about childhood, friendship and community, and a complex examination of the stories we tell ourselves about childhood and friendship." It will be good for when I want a more serious book to read.

Then there's See What I have Done, by Sarah Schmidt, a "riveting debut" that takes on Lizzie Borden. Buckle up!

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Mystica said...

See What I Have Done is the one I am eyeing!