Monday, August 14, 2017

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

I finished two books last week- Less, by Andrew Sean Greer, and Theft by Finding, and I read The Disappearing Act of Esme Lennox, by Maggie O'Farrell, a shortish book about a woman who'd been institutionalized since her teens and is let out in her 80s as the institution closes. What comes next really surprised me. I will try to get around to a full review so I can talk about it more. It's the kind of book you need a glass of wine to finish.

This week I'm starting on The Essex Serpent, one of the last of my designated summer reading books (I still have Brave Deeds to go). I'll be in holding this morning so I may have a good amount of time to get started.

I have four or five chapters to go of The Romanov Sisters and may finish this week. It's getting worse for them, and it won't get better.

On audio, I decided to try a novel, and picked Girl in Snow, by Danya Kukafka, which was pitched to me by the publisher and offered as an audio freebie for booksellers. It's been a while since I did fiction on audio and so far I'm enjoying it. I used to say that it was hard for me to do fiction on audio because fiction requires more of my attention than nonfiction and if I drift off I miss important things. So far so good but I'll keep you posted. The book itself seems to be bog-standard boy-fetishizes-dead-girl but I hope it moves on from that.

Still nothing new in the gym bag. I worked out last week but started on my backlog of magazines instead of a new book.

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