Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Women in Translation Month

August is Women in Translation Month; all around the bookish world you will see displays, blog posts, Instagram stuff and lots of articles and conversation about books by women translated into English, or women translators- or both.

In 2015 I posted about some of my favorite translated women; here is that list. In the last two years I've added a couple of names to that favorites list:

Therese Bohman is a Swedish writer who turns out reliably good thrillers. The latest to be translated into English is The Other Woman, about a young woman who gets involved in an affair with a married man. It's suspenseful but also very psychologically realistic.

Francesca Melandri's novel Eva Sleeps is moving and absorbing historical fiction about the Tyrol region of Italy post-World War 2. It's about a young unwed mother and her daughter.

And there are a bunch of new releases coming up this summer and fall to keep an eye on:

Suzanne, by Anais Barbeau-Lavollette comes to us from Quebec, is a woman's recreation of her grandmother's life- her grandmother who abandoned her family and became an artist. Translated by Rhonda Mullins. It came out in April and is available now from Coach House Books.

Go, Went, Gone, by Jenny Erpenbeck, is a German novel about the European refugee crisis. It comes out in September from New Directions. Translated by Susan Bernofsky.

Clara Beaudoux's Madeleine Project is the book form of a series of tweets documenting a treasure trove Beaudoux found in the basement of her Paris apartment building- the belongings of a 20th century woman named Madeleine. It was originally published in French and was translated by Alison Anderson. It comes out in September from New Vessel Press.

Belladonna, by Daša Drndic is "A timely parable on the perils of of growing old and infirm an unforgiving modern world." It was translated from Croatian by Celia Hawkesworth and comes out in September from New Directions.

And there are more! But more on that later.

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Mystica said...

I am going to check out the books in more detail. They all sound interesting.