Thursday, March 29, 2018

Blog-Appropriate Current Quilting Project

I may be in a reading slump, but I'm certainly not in a crafting one.

I finally found the book-quilt project I've been looking for. I've seen a lot- a lot- of book quilts where it's all spines, and those are fun to look at but from the perspective of doing it, piecing strips of fabric together in rows has always left me a little cold.

But I love foundation paper-piecing and the other day I found a pattern called Book Nerd that shows the covers with the pages open and decided to go for it.

I love the way it shows off fun fabric and gives me the opportunity to use up some "misfit" things that I haven't figured out how to use in blocks. And the pattern is simple enough that I can do it assembly-line style and knock out blocks relatively quickly.

It's also so versatile. You could use a variety of fabrics, like I'm doing, or do themes. There's a ton of comic book fabric out there; you could do a comic book quilt. Or you could pick fabrics that come from different places or show different locales and do a travel-book-quilt. Or a children's-book-quilt with some of the many many kids' prints like Eric Carle and Nancy Drew. The possibilities are endless!

What theme would you pick for your book quilt?

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