Monday, March 12, 2018

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

I've been in a kind of miserable reading slump lately; I blogged about it then deleted the post, because I thought it sounded too whiny and bummed out. And that's not what I want to convey on my blog. But the fact remains. So here's what's been going on. I started and couldn't finish The Good Life Elsewhere, so I'm going to reshelve it for the future. I have a huge pile of books to sell, and I'm going to take some of them in today, then get a cup of coffee and have some "me time" at my favorite bookstore cafe, with a book of course. I don't know which one yet. Probably Six Four by Hideo Yokoyama but no promises.

Speaking of being bummed out, I lost my copy of Renoir: An Intimate Biography, with only about 60 pages to go, and I'm very bummed out about that. And I finished Jen Kirkman's I Know What I'm Doing and Other Lies I Tell Myself, which I found thoroughly delightful.

So here I am, it's Monday, and I'm still reading Eleanor Catton's The Luminaries and I expect to finish it this week and have a new bedside read to tell you about next Monday. I'm also close to finishing volume 2 of Osamu Tezuka's Buddha series of graphic novels/manga.

On the audio front, I am really enjoying Tiffany Haddish's The Last Black Unicorn. You should all go read that right away.

And I don't have any new gym reads right now and may just stick to magazines for a while. I feel like reading about San Francisco since I'm going there soon, so maybe I'll start that book I got there last year about the earthquake. Or something else. Who knows?

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