Saturday, June 4, 2022

Review: The Pisces, by Melissa Broder

The Pisces: A Novel by Melissa Broder 

So I think in my last post back in 2019 I said I just bought The Pisces and was looking forward to it. I read it not long after and loved it. It's this incredibly emotional and raw story about a woman in Venice Beach, California, who falls in love with a merman. So it's kind of erotic fantasy if you will.

Anyway I loved the book for its honesty about women, about sex and love and bodies and minds and how they all go together or don't. There is some disturbing content in the book vis-a-vis a dog that doesn't end happily but it's mostly about this messed up, real, relatable (I think) young woman trying to figure it out and falling in love with someone totally unattainable. Like, the relationship is dead-on-arrival-unattainable. They fall in love, they have sex (graphic sex) and everyone wants more, but what it will take to have more may be too much.

I don't mean to give you spoilers but this is a fairy tale more like Angela Carter or Catherine Breillat than anything else. I actually could see Catherine Breillat making a really great movie from this book.

I ended up re-reading the book recently because I enjoyed it so much and just came back from a trip to California that included Venice. And as it turns out I have some stuff going on in my personal life that resonates with this emotionally and I relived my own heartbreak from the past reading this wonderful book again. Melissa Broder has two other books of prose- so sad today, which are essays, and Milk Fed, which came out relatively recently, and she writes them in her signature style, and this book will give you a taste of that. Highly recommended if you are ok with the sex and body talk and can tolerate what happens to that that poor dog.

I did not receive this book for review.

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