Monday, August 29, 2022

It's Monday! What Am I Reading?

Well lo and behold, I actually finished two books on Saturday- Catherine the Great at long last and added to the permanent collection, and Mrs. March, which was a relatively quick read and is off to the sell pile. Which is a new sell pile because I just sent a big box to Powell's. Reviews coming soon.

So I get a new novel and a new nonfiction pick.

Every Good Boy Does Fine: A Love Story, in Music Lessons, by Jeremy Denk, appealed to Marie the Beginner Piano Student because, well, it's about playing piano. The title is a mneumonic device that is often used to teach the notes of the treble clef. It's a memoir and meditation on music- nonfiction.  I picked it up at Three Lives & Company Bookstore in Greenwich Village last spring. Three Lives is a favorite and I don't get out there that often but it's this tiny little bookstore that feels like it's curated just for me. And it's on a street with a great ice cream shop and a great thrift shop so it's basically perfect.

The Silence of the White City, by Eva Garcia Sáenz, is a police procedural set in the Basque region of Spain. I think I saw it reviewed somewhere, but I forget. I've had it on the TBR pile for a while. I bought it at Barnes & Noble in Paramus, NJ.

And I'm still working on the Georges Simenon, Act of Passion. I should finish that soonish.

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