Thursday, August 11, 2022

Shelf Control: Ariel Samson, Freelance Rabbi


Shelf Control is a feature where bloggers pick an unread book from our shelves and talk about it a little. It's supposed to be a Wednesday thing but I have French Movie Mercredi on Wednesdays already, so. Shelf Control is hosted at
This week's selection is Ariel Samson: Freelance Rabbi, by MaNishtana. It was recommended  to me by my friend Heidi, a synagogue librarian from Florida. I've known Heidi for years and a while ago I was asking Facebook friends for their recommendations for me and she knows my taste pretty well so I picked this up from right away.

"Ariel Samson is just your run of the mill anomaly: a 20-something black Orthodox Jewish rabbi looking for love, figuring out life, and floating between at least two worlds. Luckily, it gets worse."

I mean, that sounds pretty great, right? 

How and when I got it:

I bought it at the end of April from

Why I Want to Read It:

Great premise, area of literature I'm interested in. I mean, given that description, why wouldn't I want to read it?

You can pick up your own copy at the link above. I receive a small commission on all affliate-linked sales.

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Lisa @ Bookshelf Fantasies said...

That does sounds pretty awesome! I'm so curious about the author -- clearly a pen name!