Sunday, September 25, 2022

Sunday Salon

So the big news in books this week was the death of Hilary Mantel at the age of 70; she wrote many books but I know her from her trilogy about Thomas Cromwell starting with Wolf Hall. Wolf Hall and its sequel Bring Up the Bodies won the Booker Prize; the series ended with The Mirror and The Light. I was very sad to hear about her passing. She was a brilliant writer.

It's been interesting to see all the articles and reviews she wrote being shared on Twitter and Facebook in her memory, to remind us of the broad range of her interests and her intellect. She was an amazing thinker and cultural critic as well as a novelist.

I decided to DNF my re-read of Stephen Benatar's When I Was Otherwise and I'm limiting myself to two books at a time instead of three. I hope this will help me just enjoy my books more and not be stressed out about how slowly I'm reading. 

The week was taken up with piano practice and Yiddish homework as well as various appointments. I feel like I'm very busy these days! Friday is quickly becoming my favorite day since I have no appointments or commitments and can just kind of do what I want. This past Friday that was lots of homework, lots of practice and some sewing, followed by a walk to a favorite bakery and a visit to the local used bookstore. It was kind of the perfect day. We even had great weather, our first real sunny fall day.

I don't have a ton going on next week besides the usual but I'm looking forward to a nice week anyway. How about you? I hope you have a great Sunday and a great week ahead. And Shana Tova to my Jewish friends!

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