Thursday, October 27, 2022

New on the Shelf

So apart from the things I picked up last weekend in the Hudson Valley, I got a couple of new things I wanted to tell you about.

First up is Goldenrod, a book of nice poetry by Maggie Smith. I'm not a poetry critic so I don't know if I will review this (maybe?) but I really like it. I got it at Transom Bookshop,  a really cute newish indie bookstore in Tarrytown, New York. We were up for a day trip to visit a fabric store in nearby Nyack and stopped in to Tarrytown as well because who can resist a bookstore?

I was long overdue to purchase The Seamstress and The Wind by my Argentine boyfriend C├ęsar Aira (he's not really my boyfriend). I think it's the latest of his to be translated into English and brought forth by New Directions. I got it from

That's it for now! I am really sadly reaching capacity in my apartment and may have to do a weed soon.

What's new on your shelf?

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