Monday, November 7, 2022

Vacation Week Book Haul

As I discussed yesterday, I'm just back from a week on the island of Nantucket. I didn't do much, just kind of sat around and did my Yiddish homework and not much else. Well I did do piano practice most days and stopped in to at least one of the island's two independent bookstores every day. And bought some books. Because when you're Marie, it's what you do.

Mitchell's Book Corner, Nantucket
I went to both Nantucket Bookworks and Mitchell's Book Corner, on either end of the very pretty and walkable "town" district. 

At Bookworks, I bought The Colony, by Audrey Magee, nominated for this year's Booker Prize. I actually pried it from the hands of a bookseller as they were raving about it.

At Mitchell's I bought Alissa Nutting's book Tampa, which I had been trying to track down for a while. I would have ordered it from eventually but I'd rather buy it from a store.

The bookseller there was a huge fan of this book and I think I talked her into reading Made For Love, Nutting's later book, which is a huge favorite of mine. So that was fun.

Those were the only books I bought! I want Bono's new memoir, which I spied and Bookworks, but I did not indulge- yet.

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Book Ponder said...

Mitchell's Book Corner looks awesome! I wish I would have checked out more bookstores when I lived on the east coast back in the day.