Friday, January 20, 2023

New on the Shelf: Fiction

My new fiction pile is a combination of three things: some shopping, some Christmas gifts and the massive sale Barnes & Noble had just after Christmas when all hardcovers in store were 50% off.

The Seven Moons of Maali Almeida, by Shehan Karunatilaka won the 2022 Booker Prize so obviously I am going to read it. From

Valleyesque by Fernando A. Flores and Nazi Literature in the Americas by Roberto BolaƱo were Christmas gifts.

Self Care by Leigh Stein came from Little City Books, my local independent bookstore.

The rest came from Barnes and Noble:

The Rabbit Hutch, by Tess Gunty, a National Book Award winner,

I Was the President's Mistress!! by  Miguel Syjuco, a new novel from the Philippines where my Dad lives (it also looks like a lot of fun),

The Latecomer by Jean Haff Korelitz and The Matchmaker's Gift by Lydia Cohen Loigman were recommendations by a friend in the Jewish book world,

The Presence of Absence by Simon Van Booy is by Simon Van Booy and therefore a no brainer,

Dogs of Summer, by Andrea Abreu came recommended by someone (sorry!) and

Cormac McCarthy's The Passenger and Stella Maris boxed set was just a no-brainer.

Tomorrow I'll have my new nonfiction- a much shorter pile but high quality I assure you.

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