Saturday, February 18, 2023

Something Cute for Your Reading


I found these adorable clips/bookmarks at Kinokuniya Bookstore and I wanted to share them with you! If you are not familiar with Kinokuniya they are a chain of Japanese bookstores and you can find them all over the US including locations in New York, New Jersey and California.

It clips on to your page like so:

and then this adorable kitty peeks out at you!

You can find them online by searching for "Sugai World" but if you are in the New York area you can pick them up at Kinokuniya either at its midtown location on 6th avenue near Bryant Park, or in Edgewater, New Jersey, near Mitsuwa Marketplace.

They come in a bunch of different designs like pandas and other cats and other things too. So cute! They cost under $5.00 for the pack.

I did not receive these for review or mention on my blog. I bought them at Kinokuniya.

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