Sunday, February 26, 2023

Sunday Salon: What Happened to the Week?

Disney was great but my husband and I came home with non-Covid colds and both of us spent the week struggling. Him more than me, because he has a job and right now I don't, but still. Almost no practice, no language work, little writing, little housework, and much sleeping. Much reading too and some TV watching. I finished Normal People, which I started on Sunday, and I binged the second half of season 2 of White Lotus, my current TV obsession. Normal People I found very good and very triggering and I'll have a review of that up some time this week. It was one of those books where I kept underlining passages and flipping back to re-read them.

Today? Today I'm trying to get my piano practice up to snuff for my teacher tomorrow and thinking of all the excuses I have for my lack of progress last week. I have a lot of my energy back which is nice but I don't want to push too much. I started a new book and I'm working my way through Jersey Breaks, Robert Pinsky's memoir.

And because I've been under the weather there is so much to catch up on at home. I really want to work on some quilting projects and just you know, get out of the house and do errands. I cancelled some appointments this week and delayed some other things. Most of the week I was too sick to care, but now I do and it's time to get back up and running.

Hope you're having a great Sunday and making the best of it.

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