Wednesday, March 29, 2023

French Movie Mercredi: Le Monde Après Nous (2021)


Le Monde Après Nous (2021). Starring Aurélien Gabrielli and Louise Chevillote. Directed by Louda Ben Salah.

Le Monde Après Nous, or The World After Us, is a very enjoyable love story about Labidi (Aurélien Gabrielli) a young Franco-Tunisian struggling writer, and his love affair with Elisa (Louise Chevillote), a pretty student, as he tries to get his first book, and his life, off the ground.

Elisa and Labidi meet in a cafe. He takes her back to the studio apartment he shares with his roommate Aleksei; both men are trying to make a go of it in life and love but they are young and poor. Labidi actually sleeps on the floor on a yoga mat. He wants better for himself and for his new pretty girlfriend so he rents them an apartment neither can afford and it's a question of whether they will be able to make it. At the same time he is negotiating his relationship with his immigrant parents who run a bar nearby. The film is set in Lyon.

I liked this movie a lot. This is a good one for Sunday morning maybe, it's sweet and romantic and I found myself rooting for this young couple. I will say I wish Elisa had been developed a little more. Her job is to be pretty and motivate Labidi to get his act together and she doesn't have much more to offer than that. They go through some perfunctory ups and downs but I promise things will be okay in the end. A cappuccino would go well with this somewhat frothy romantic drama.


Le Monde Après Nous is available to stream on Apple+ and elsewhere.

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