Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Movie Review Wednesday: Margaret Atwood: A Word After A Word After A Word is Power


Margaret Atwood: A Word After A Word After A Word is Power (2019). Directed by Nancy Lang and Peter Raymont.

Anyone who knows me knows I'm a Margaret Atwood superfan, so when I had a chance to see this documentary recently I jumped on it. Atwood has a new book out, a book of short stories called Old Babes in the Woods, and yes I do have my copy although sadly it's not signed and I'm not sure if I will be able to get a signed copy. Boo hoo. 

Anyway the movie is a really beautiful and moving biography of Atwood, starting with her childhood and going more or less to the present day. I enjoyed learning about her time at Harvard and her activism, and the trajectory of her literary career and personal life. I've had the honor of meeting her and speaking with her several times and it's such a treat to listen to her talk and get a glimpse of her personality. Her books mean so much to me and to so many readers all over the world.

It was also fun to get a glimpse into her creative process- how she writes, her routines etc. and talks about her rise into a media figure and Internet celebrity. We also get a look at some behind the scenes stuff on both adaptations of The Handmaid's Tale including the time she was a featured background actor on the Hulu series.

I definitely recommend this to anyone who loves her books or is just curious to learn about her. If you haven't read her before I can make some recommendations for you on where to start based on your tastes; feel free to leave a comment or even email me because her books are some of my favorite things to talk about. 

Such fun!

Margaret Atwood: A Word After A Word After A Word is Power is available to stream on Kanopy and elsewhere.


Anonymous said...

Where can I find it besides Kanopy? I love her.

Marie Cloutier said...

Hi, a quick Google search suggests Hulu might work. Kanopy is free with a public library card just fyi. Thanks for commenting.

Harvee said...

I have relatives who loved The Handmaid's Tale and would probably like Atwood's new book. Thanks for the recommendation.