Monday, May 1, 2023

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?


So I am still on A True Novel, but now about 80 pages or so into volume 2, which is about another 400-odd pages long. So I'll be here for a while but I'm cruising through at about 20-30 pages a night. I'm not trying to hurry; I just don't want to be here forever although I kind of do, because it is so immersive and the characters are so vivid. It makes me want to read all my other big chunksters, it's just so good.

In nonfiction land, I switched Unprotected by Billy Porter over to audio. This was a great decision. It's fun to read the print and you can definitely hear his voice but nothing compares to having the man himself read his own story. I mean it's just awesome. was having  a flash sale and Unprotected was available for a mere $4.99 which helped me make the switch. Listen to this book people! Listen to it!!

So that being the case, I started a new print nonfiction, Ilana Kurshan's If All the Seas Were Ink, her memoir of reading the entire Talmud over a seven year period, one page per day. This book won the Sami Rohr Prize which is a great award for Jewish-interest books. I love the title and I'm loving the book, too. It sounds like quite a project, speaking of things that are immersive.

Lots of good stuff. What are you reading?

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