Friday, May 19, 2023

Shelf Control: A Cat At the End of the World, by Robert Perišić

 Shelf Control is a feature where bloggers pick an unread book from our shelves and talk  about it a little. It's supposed to be a Wednesday thing but I have French Movie Mercredi on Wednesdays already, so. Shelf Control is hosted at

 Today's pick is A Cat At the End of the World, by Robert Perišić. It came out in 2022 from Sandorf Passage, a publisher based in Maine, and was translated from the Croatian by Vesna Maric.

The blurb says:

"Delivered like a fable, A Cat At the End of the World shifts perspectives between a runaway slave and the Scatterwind, a bodiless spirit that moves effortlessly through time and space, from the days of ancient Syracuse to our contemporary era. At the center of their stories is Miu, an Egyptian cat- one of the earliest to be domesticated- through whom Robert Perišić channels a deeply profound and beautiful understanding of animal and human behaviors as seen through the results of language, warfare, colonization, trade, and the building of a society."

How and when I got it:

I bought it last fall as a Christmas present for my husband. He's a big SFF reader and this sounded like something that was fantasy-adjacent enough to pique his interest.

Why I Want to Read It

He loved it, and it just sounds really neat, right? I think once you leave the confines of genre-driven American publishing you can find a lot of great literature that really defies genre with the potential to appeal to a wide audience of smart readers.

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