Sunday, May 14, 2023

Sunday Salon: Lazy Sunday


So I'm home and relaxing and listening to a book podcast this morning- I'd rather not say which one, but it's one of those podcasts that does takedowns of popular books. Sometimes I listen when it's not a book I've read but this particular one is a book I've read, again I won't say which one but I thought it was a lot of nonsense and I appreciate having my viewpoint validated. So that and a coffee isn't a bad way to spend a Sunday morning.

I went to a quilting retreat on Friday and came home early, before dinner on Saturday, because reasons. Most of those reasons had to do with my husband not feeling well. He's fine and we're just glad to be home.

Today I don't know what's up. I'm almost done reading A True Novel (probably two more nights, maybe one) and I'm looking forward to a little C├ęsar Aira palate cleanser before tackling another chunkster.

Abraham Verghese's The Covenant of Water is out now and you could read it now. It's going to be the kind of iconic read that Cutting for Stone was. In fact people were talking about Cutting for Stone at the retreat this weekend and I tried to make sure everyone knew about the new book too.

 So I'm going to get back to my podcast and maybe a cookie or something. Whatever you're doing I hope you have a great Sunday.

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