Wednesday, May 24, 2023

The Literary Tarot from the Brink Literacy Project

Way back when, sometime in 2020 I think, I sent a few dollars to a nonprofit called the Brink Literacy Project via Kickstarter, for what would one day be a tarot deck made in a cooperative effort by artists and authors. The authors would pick pairings for each card in the major and minor arcana- a literary character that matched the spirit of each card, and then a team of artists would create the cards themselves.

It's been a long road but my deck finally arrived this past week and they are truly spectacular.

I ended up buying a large-format hardcover book that details the story behind each card along with the evolution of the art, and a set of postcards and enamel pin. Over the course of the last three years Brink has been really good about keeping us updated on additions to the project- postcards, gilding, a nice box, etc.- as well as the many, to-be-expected, pandemic related shipping and manufacturing delays.

But it all paid off in the end.

I really could not be more pleased with how it all turned out.

The box contains a mini book that explains the meaning of each card. The major arcana are standard but the suits are different- Quills, Parchment, Ink and Light. The art is amazing, and the gilding is so beautiful. The set also contains two sets of three postcards, perfect for sharing, and a cute enamel pin I will turning into a refrigerator magnet. 

The cards are truly stunning. Pictures don't do them justice. I picked the Queen of Light for the top of the photo on purpose; that's Jane Eyre from her eponymous book, the pairing by Boston Bibliophile favorite Margaret Atwood. And she's not the only A-lister to participate. Basically no matter what your favorite genre is, you have a favorite author who participated, or whose work is featured, or both.

If you are interested Brink has a few sets for sale on their website, until they run out. It's unclear right now what the plans for the future of this very beautiful deck is. I hope they can offer it widely and that lots of book and Tarot fans enjoy this wonderful creation.

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