Sunday, June 4, 2023

Sunday Salon


It looks like it's going to be another lazy Sunday here. My town is having a crafts festival down by one of the big parks; we'll probably go out later this afternoon and have a look around. Hopefully there will be a Mister Softee van in attendance. Otherwise I don't know- I'd like to go get a lemonade or something, and do some reading.

I had a pretty busy week with this and that. My piano teacher was back from two weeks away and it was great to see him and get a lesson in. We've been on the same piece for over a year and I'm still loving it, Joe Hisaishi's "One Summer's Day." For a beginner like me there are so many layers to dig into. 

Books continue to pile up. I have enough for another "New on the Shelf" post if I get bored. I also have another pile building for sale/discarding. My quilt guild had its last meeting of the season yesterday which was a lot of fun. Speaking of discarding I donated a quilt to a charity drive and gave away some things. I also came home with a little haul from the free-stuff table as usual. So it was a good day but I'll go into more detail on my sewing blog sometime this week if anyone is interested.

I'll probably finish my audiobook tomorrow so I might finally have a new "It's Monday" post. That's Billy Porter's Unprotected that I'm finishing up. Next up I think has to be the new Samantha Irby. 

What are you up to today? Have a great Sunday.


Harvee said...

We've been slowly downsizing for a while and just in the past week gave away shelves and shelves of books to the used book store and the library. Other things will go too. I just close my eyes and pack them up, lol. Have a good week.

Harvee said...

Good luck with the piano lessons and the reading. I wish our area would have a craft sale as there are some things I've been hanging on to that should be given away or sold. No place to hang that, or lay that, etc. Have a good reading week.