Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Juniper Books and The Wheel of Time

So the other day my husband and I were watching a YouTuber who was talking about recent trends in fantasy writing (no idea who, sorry) and Jeff spied in the background this dude's truly epic Wheel of Time cover set.

He tracked it down on Juniper Books, a site that is truly a bibliophile's delight, and within days the covers arrived at our house. Jeff got to work covering his books right away and even used special library-quality protective jackets to keep his new covers pristine.

Are these incredible or what? Makes me want to read these books.

Juniper has all kinds of sets- not just science fiction and fantasy but all genres for all ages and tastes. Joan Didion, the Beats, Bridgerton, Harry Potter are just a few of the series, authors and genres represented. Amazing gift potential, too!

The Narnia set may be calling my name... or Jane Austen. We'll see!

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