Friday, September 15, 2023

Jewish Book Carnival



It's my honor to host this month's Jewish Book Carnival, a monthly online community-building event started by Heidi Rabinowitz and myself back in 2008 or so. Thanks to all the contributors and everyone who participates in this event, and to AJL for working so hard to create lasting relationships and bonds in the Jewish book, library and writing community. You can visit the Carnival page on the AJL website by clicking here.

Shana Tova! On The Book of Life Podcast, guests author Richard Ho and illustrator Lynn Scurfield talk about TWO NEW YEARS, a picture book about a Chinese Jewish family celebrating Rosh Hashanah and Lunar New Year.

Over at gilagreenwrites, Gila interviews poet Yoni Hammer-Kossoy about his debut The Book of Noah.  "One catalyst was actually COVID, where everyone had to build their own ark and ride out the storm, so to speak."

In her latest episode of "What If? Why Not? How?" author Sally Wiener Grotta chatted with author and cantor Barbara Barnet about Deborah, the biblical "judge" and leader of the Israelites. As storytellers, they explored the original narrative in the Tanakh, and discussed what modern women can learn from a biblical woman of power and influence about being a female leader in a world of men.

 In August, Jill at Rhapsody in Books [] reviewed "Chance: Escape from the Holocaust" by Uri Shulevitz [], an extraordinary and unforgettable memoir for middle grade and up illustrated by the author.   

The Sydney Taylor Shmooze mock award blog now offers a Mock Award Program that can be done with students or library groups! For instructions, visit the Shmooze website at


On her book blog, Book Q&As with Deborah Kalb, Deborah interviewed Jean Meltzer about her new novel, Kissing Kosher
Sophia of Books of My Heart shared her views on this Jewish Regency Romance by Mirta Ines Trupp
A Jewish Grandmother reviewed Body and Soul: The Torah Path to Health, Fitness, and a Holy Life, which is a Judaism based diet book. It helps those who eat very popular Jewish holiday food. The index in the back includes a very useful calorie chart.


At Life Is Like a Library, the annual Elul review of the past year's reading:


Erika Dreifus recently devoted a post on My Machberet to some prizes and awards for Jewish books and writing that are currently accepting submissions and entries. Note the comment she has added about where you may find additional information.


At Jewish Books for Kids and More,  Barbara Bietz chats with Erica Lyons about midrash and her new book, COUNTING ON NAAMAH






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Thanks so much for doing this post about Jewish books and including my book review.

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Thank you for hosting this excellent Carnival installment.