Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday Salon

Yesterday my husband and I took a ride out to sunny Concord, Mass., to browse the antique stores and their wonderful bookstore, which I think is just called the Concord Book Store. I didn't buy anything but I was impressed listening to one of the staff people recommending books to a customer interested in historical fiction. One of the things he suggested was a book called Kristin Lavradsdatter, a historical novel by Sigrid Unset, which looked fascinating. It also looked long, like way too long for me to even think about right now, but I might tuck it away on my wishlist for the future.

I was looking at my TBR pile and I've got several chunky books waiting for me: Middlemarch, The Golden Notebook, The Whisperers, Don Quixote, Marie Antoinette, among others. So maybe when I finish one or two big books, I will give myself permission to buy another.

Today I'm enjoying reading Peter Carey's Booker Prize winner, Oscar and Lucinda, a literary romance about two misfits and a church made entirely of glass. As you can tell from the book cover, it was made into a movie starring Cate Blanchett and Ralph Fiennes. I liked the movie, but I wanted to read the book before I saw the movie and I'm really, really liking the book. For the past year it's been the book I've always wanted to read next. Finally!

Still wading my way through American Wife. I was starting to have some issues with it but I've come to terms with the book I think. More later! I've noticed some of you are starting post reviews of this book and I've been avoiding reading them, because I want to wait till I'm done and have formed my own opinion, but I'm looking forward to talking to you all about it soon.