Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday Salon

This Sunday is going to be very laid-back. My husband is off to his writing group this afternoon and I'm recovering from a semi-serious infection (I'm fine); I spent Friday in the ER getting antibiotics and a CAT scan (and reading- ERs are great for reading) and I've decided to lay low for the weekend. My big activity yesterday was sitting around in Harvard Square with a milkshake and a book; today will be much the same, minus the milkshake.

I've got some craft projects going on- I'm finishing up a woolfelt candle mat, and preparing to do another. We're going away to Nantucket in a few weeks and I always like to bring little hand projects to work on during downtime- and on Nantucket, it's all about the downtime! I can't wait to go.

My reading agenda? I've got one chapter to go to finish Shulamit Lapid's Valley of Strength and I'm 1/3 of the way through Chandler Burr's You or Someone Like You. I stopped by work this week and picked up some new galleys, including the new Margaret Atwood; digging into those will be fun. I hope to get out to the bookstore later and maybe get a cookie and a copy of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. What's on your agenda for today?

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