Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday Salon

Today's my sixth wedding anniversary! My husband and I went out to dinner on Friday night to celebrate in style, and tonight we'll have a quiet dinner at home and exchange gifts. Yay!

The rain yesterday washed out our hopes of attending the annual Topsfield Fair, but all is not lost- we will go tomorrow as long as the weather looks decent. I've been going to the Topsfield Fair every year practically since birth. It's one of the nation's oldest agricultural fairs and has everything you'd want- animals, crafts, junk food, games, rides and more. I can't wait!

This past week my husband and I attended (and participated in) the IgNobel Prize ceremony, held every year at Sanders Theater in Cambridge. I did a big blog post about the Igs here, when founder and emcee Marc Abrahams gave a talk at Temple Israel in Boston. It's such a fun night. Nobel Laureates and other Ignitaries mingle with winners past and present in an atmosphere of intellectual fun and frivolity.

Finally, I'm on the lookout for a netbook that will be more portable than my wonderful, but very heavy, Mac laptop. I love Mac. I love my laptop. And I have to figure something out fast. The only problem with my laptop is that it's very heavy to schlep and to be really useful I need something lighter and smaller. We went shopping yesterday for netbook PCs and they were very, very appealing. I am waiting to make any decisions until later this month when Apple will introduce some new products, one of which is rumored to be a tablet at a little over my budget. Crossing fingers!

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