Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday Salon - Lots To Do

Today looks to be pretty busy, but I'm starting slow by icing my foot; I have tendinitis and I'm supposed to ice it two or three times a day, so I'm interpreting that as breakfast, lunch and dinnertime. I have a fairly busy day ahead; brunch with friends in a while, and then my husband and I are attending the 2010 Hemingway & Winship Award Ceremony sponsored by PEN New England; it's being held this afternoon at the John F. Kennedy Library in Boston. I'm very excited!

And reading? Yeah, I'll be doing some of that, too. I'm still working my way through Frank Delaney's Venetia Kelly's Traveling Show and I'd like to start Jonathan Keats' The Book of the Unknown: Tales of the Thirty-Six, a re-imagined Jewish folktale about extraordinary or special people.

I also have a lot of work to do on the blog today, because I have some good things coming up this week, including an interview with comics artist and author Steve Sheinkin tomorrow, a virtual Valentine to author Ian McEwan for Tuesday, to celebrate the release of his latest novel, Solar, and a post for Wednesday about book collecting, a sort of follow up to one I did a couple of weeks ago. So I hope you have a great Sunday and I hope to see you back later in the week!

Chag Sameach to my Jewish readers- have a lovely Passover!

Here's a photo of my office assistant, doing what he does best:More Sunday Salon here.