Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday Salon: What Me Blog?

Last week was the laziest week I've had in blogging in a long time. One post?? Ridiculous. And no reviews! Crazypants!

I think I need to set up a schedule for writing my posts since the casual approach is not getting the job done. So that's going to be my Monday task for the foreseeable future, just to make sure it gets done and I have some actual content to show for myself.

This past week I've continued my short-book project and I have to say it's going really well. After I finish my current book I'll read some crime novels and make some progress on my goals for the year in that department. I haven't decided what my March theme will be. It'll either be Irish books or 2013 releases. There are some galleys that I should get to, like Herman Koch's The Dinner and others, but then again I'd love an excuse to finally read Skippy Dies. So we'll see.

Today I'm working at the bookstore in the morning and then doing who-knows-what this afternoon. Probably napping, and/or cleaning up after the birthday party I had last night. Either way coffee will play an important role in my Sunday!

What's going on with you? I hope you're having a great Sunday. More Sunday Salon on Facebook.