Friday, September 28, 2007

Keynote & Morning Activites - Podcast Expo

The day started with a keynote event starring Howard Lindzon, the founder of Lindzon & Associates and the creator of Wallstrip, a video podcast about stocks and investing ("Stock Culture Meets Pop Culture").

First of all, I thought keynotes were supposed to be speeches- this one was done as an interview, which I found a little odd. It also seemed cold and didn't hold my attention well. I dislike live interviews at conventions- I'm not here to listen to the speaker talk to some guy on the stage with him- I could get that in a regular podcast or standard media interview. I want the speaker to address me- you know, the audience. You know there's a live audience, right?

I also found Lindzon to be kind of cold and a little odd, at least on stage. (He seemed like a nice enough guy when I met him yesterday at the meet-and-greet for speakers.) My attention drifted in and out like I said, but from what I caught he basically talked about the business side of vod/podcasting and blogging and the importance of positioning yourself well in relation to your audience. At one point he said he felt like he deserves to be on CBS Morning News but then a few minutes later told the interviewer that he didn't think being on TV should be the goal of any podcaster. But it's your goal, right? If there had been the opportunity for questions I think that would be a good one. He reminded me of a local newspaper reporter I talked to at the meet-and-greet yesterday who took a very elitist, condescending attitude towards the new media world- like, it's okay for me to put myself out there, but you all newbs should back off. Yeah, right. That'll happen.

Then it was on to the exhibits and free pens and candy. Mmm free pens and candy.

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