Friday, September 28, 2007

Podcast & New Media Expo

So this weekend I'm in Ontario, California, at the 3rd Annual Podcast and New Media Expo. If you're not familiar with podcasts, they are downloadable, audio recordings made on any subject under the sun. And this is their convention. The reason I'm here is twofold: first, as a librarian I'm always interested in new media outlets and their potential for sharing information and I'm a longtime podcast listener, and secondly, my husband is speaking on a panel about podcasting and the law. So yeah. My own interest is probably not enough to motivate me to spend the time and money to fly out to sunny Cali from Boston but given that I'm a plus-one on a company-sponsored junket- no problem!

Today is the first day of real programming and I hope to have some fun stuff to talk about later today; yesterday we flew in and attended the speaker's reception, where we met some folks and collected (and distributed) a few cards. I'm also hoping to be able to promote my own blog a little and learn some things to help me be a better blogger. And I'm looking forward to the exhibits and talking to some of the commercial players in this new medium. So off I go to breakfast and I'll write more later.

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