Monday, May 5, 2008

Graphic Novel Monday - Coffee and Donuts, by Max Estes

Coffee and Donuts, by Max Estes. Click on the book cover below to buy from your local Book Sense-affiliated independent bookseller.

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One of my favorite things to do on rainy Saturdays is visit my favorite comic book store and spend too much money on indie comic books. Earlier this year I picked up the totally adorable Coffee and Donuts by Max Estes. First of all I can't resist cats. If it's a graphic novel and it has cats, I'm in. Second, it's short- read-it-in-one-sitting short, also a plus.

It's also sweet and funny. The story is about two anthropomorphous, homeless cats who get mixed up in some shady activities because they are poor and desperate- and desperate cats do desperate things. But these cats have good hearts, and a guardian angel, so everything turns out okay.

I like the art in this book a lot. It's simple black and white, with one or two oval panels per page and little shading- mostly just these loose, exaggerated cats with loose limbs and simple but effective movements and facial expressions. The iconic, humorous drawings help offset the bits of suspense and tension and keep the comic funny.

Coffee and Donuts is a fun all-ages comic book that anyone can enjoy- a nice quick read with cats. Who could ask for more?

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