Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sunday Salon: Mitzvah Day!

Happy Sunday!

Today at the synagogue where I work was an event called Mitzvah Day- a congregation-wide day of community service. Projects ranged from participation in the Walk for Hunger to work making blankets for Project Linus to food drives and other things; I worked at a project involving expanding two public school libraries. We in the library actually had two projects- one involved sorting about 500 books for a public school in Boston with no library, and the other involved doing some light cataloging for a well-established school library run by a nonprofessional librarian who needed our help. I was involved with both but spent most of the day helping with the second, the cataloging project. All in all I probably helped with about fifty or sixty books. The volunteers working on the sorting did an amazing job, tearing through more than a dozen boxes in just under two hours. That library is getting a lot of great books!

As far as my own reading, I just started a new book, The Story of Forgetting, and I'm still enjoying paging through my comic book samplers from yesterday's Free Comic Book Day, on the lookout for the next great thing to read and talk about. Stay tuned.

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