Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Salon: February's Accomplishments, March's Goals

So February was, in theory, given over to 2011 releases and I did read several:

Enough About Love, by Hervé Le Tellier,
The Fates Will Find Their Way, by Hannah Pittard, and
The Hottest Dishes of the Tartar Cuisine, by Alina Bronsky

But for the most part I didn't. Or rather, I tried to, but the other books I tried to read I didn't really cotton to so I put them down. I did read a Booker winner, and a Booker nominee (Moon Tiger and Heliopolis, respectively) and some graphic novels, and some other stuff, so that's good.

March? March is Irish Month here at Boston Bibliophile. I'm starting with Troubles by J.G. Farrell for my Booker choice and then I'm reading The Matchmaker of Kenmare, Frank Delaney's latest, for review as well. And I have a stack of Irish novels to read, not all of which I will get to:

The Dork of Cork, by Chet Raymo,
The Outside Boy, by Jeanine Cummins,
The Midnight Choir, by Gene Kerrigan,
Ghost Light, by Joseph O'Connor,
Black Laces, by Marcella O'Connor,
John the Revelator, by Peter Murphy,
The Secret Scripture, by Sebastian Barry, and
Skippy Dies, by Paul Murray.

I'll post reviews as I read. And all these count toward the Ireland Challenge hosted over at Books and Movies. The last three books are Booker nominees as well and count towards that challenge. Erin go Bragh!

This week has been kind of quiet; my short story was workshopped last Tuesday at my writing class and the experience was only somewhat traumatic. No, not really; it went fine. I have to turn in another short story in a week and then there are only a couple weeks left of this great class. Late in the month I'm starting a 6-week acting and improvisation class which will be something really different for me.

Today I'm continuing with Troubles, which I'm really, really loving. I picked it up at a used bookstore a while back, before it won the Lost Booker Prize. It's fabulous- the writing is witty and sharp and full of verve. It's the kind of book I just want to read and read and read. With my husband away at his writing group for most of the afternoon, it looks like I'll get my chance to do just that!

More Sunday Salon here.


Sandra said...

I'm reading Irish this month too. I loved The Secret Scripture, I hope you do. My library has two other books by Farrell but not Troubles, which is the first and probably the best of the trilogy. I'll have to roust up a copy if it's really good. I'm reading The Truth About Love by Josephine Hart right now and hope to get through The Butcher Boy by Patrick McCabe,
The Stray Sod Country by Patrick McCabe, and The Matchmaker of Glenmare by Frank Delaney-I enjoy his input on Twitter very much. I didn't know Paul Murray was Irish. His title doesn't appeal to me at all but I look forward to your thoughts on it.
Sounds like you're involved in an awful lot at once right now. Happy reading in March.

Anonymous said...

You've got a terrific list of all-things-Irish books lined up! At this rate, you'll have your challenge completed in no time. I'm also reading Irish this month - I finished An Irish Country Doctor today, and I'm in the middle of Tana French's Faithful Place. I plan to start How the Irish Saved Civilization tomorrow, and I placed a hold on the audiobook edition of An Irish Country Christmas - hoping it comes in before the month is out.

Kathleen said...

I'm really looking forward to hearing more about your reading for the Irish challenge.

bermudaonion said...

You're acting class sounds like fun! Have a great month in books!

Jules said...

I'm also reading Irish this month, and I'm ready Delaney. Only I'm reading Tipperary, can hardly put it down. He is a phenomenal author, so I may have to pick up his newest book

Anonymous said...

Skippy Dies is on my TBR list.

Have fun at your acting class! I hope you post about it... I can't wait to hear how it goes.

Zibilee said...

Marie, your Irish themed month hits close to my heart, as I am a very Irish girl. I hope that you enjoy all the books on your list, and I am eagerly anticipating hearing what you think of all of them!

Alexia561 said...

Looks like February was a pretty good month for you, all things considered. Hoping March is more to your liking! Love the sound of Irish Month!

Frances said...

Loving the Irish themes and loving Skippy Dies right now. Hope it works as well for you! Happy reading!

Athira said...

You have a great month coming up! I have read very few Irish books, but seeing so many Irish challenges/book reviews online, I think I should try more! Have a great March!

ImageNations said...

Great reading month even if your objective wasn't largely achieved. This month would be great too with some Booker thrown in there. I have read a lot of reviews about Skippy dies...

Hope we would soon get to read some of your short stories. Enjoy this month's books.

Darlene said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your reviews for Irish month. I have The Matchmaker of Kenmare to read as well.