Saturday, August 27, 2011

This or That: A Quick Post for a Saturday

If you're new to my blog, here's a few this-or-that questions I borrowed from Hooked to Books, to help us get to know each other a little better. I'd love to hear your answers too!

Unicorns or Zombies
Unicorns. I hate zombies. I have no interest in all those zombie books, zombie apocalypse, zombie wars, whatever. Where's the unicorn apocalypse? Who's gonna write Jane Eyre and Unicorns? Maybe I should!

iPhone or Blackberry

iPhone. I love my iPhone. I love it so much. I don't know how I could live without it! I actually use and carry a cell phone every day now, which I never did before.
My cat Pandora lounges on a quilt.

Dog or Cat
Cats. Cats rule, dogs drool.

TV or Movies
Movies. I don't go out as often as I'd like to, but I love going to the movies and seeing films on the big screen.

Truth or Dare
Truth. I have no secrets.

Dinner or Dessert
Both, please!

Mac or PC
Mac. I've had a Mac of one kind or another for 20 years and I could never switch! I have a PC netbook for travel but I really, really prefer my Mac.

Beach or Mountains
Beach. I grew up near the ocean and nothing says home to me like a sea breeze. But I'm a city girl and the best thing is a city on the sea, like Boston or San Francisco or Honolulu.

Night Owl or Early Bird
I like to sleep in and stay up late, but sometimes it is awfully nice to enjoy a quiet, cool morning.
The last quilt I completed.
Rock or Country
Rock all the way. Another thing I can't live without is my iPod.

Too Hot or Too Cold
I'm always too cold! I have a house stuffed with quilts and blankets because I'm always cold. I hate being chilly. I think I learned to quilt just so I could have warm blankets around all the time.

Text or Talk
Either. Sometimes texting is great for quick things that don't require long conversations. I love the convenience of texting sometimes.

This came from a guest post on Hooked to Books, a great blog you need to read!


Marce said...

That was fun Marie. I enjoy having a quilt or blanket while reading also. I'm a night owl. And I agree with no zombies....

rhapsodyinbooks said...

Very fun post. I don't think I'd be able to pick between Unicorns or Zombies since, while I hate zombies, I'm not a big fan of unicorns either! (although I'd certainly rather run into a unicorn than a zombie!)

Jeanne said...

wow. My answers are the same as yours all the way down the line to "text or talk?", where I differ from you slightly in that I always prefer to text.

bermudaonion said...

I'm very similar! I love my iPhone too!! I don't do dessert very often and I prefer my PC to my Mac.

Sandy Nawrot said...

With one or two exceptions, you were reading my mind. I think we would get along just fine! I would like to say "Mac" but haven't gotten there yet. This is a short-term goal!

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

That was fun! I dont have an IPhone yet but I do covet one ;)

(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

Pandora is a beauty. I could not live without my iPhone either. It is attached at the hip. Stay safe in the hurricane Marie.

Kathleen said...

This ia a fun meme. I can't live without my iPhone!

Zibilee said...

I also am addicted to my iphone, and use it for all kinds of things not actually telephone related. It's so nice to be able to check your email at anytime in any situation, isn't it?

Trish said...

Well, we're pretty opposite, I'm afraid. Dogs, dinner, mountains, country is just the start. The quilts are pretty, though, Marie! Very friendly-looking. Mine tend to be either really bright or dark and dramatic.

Danielle said...

We're so similar! Except that I prefer the mountains because I grew up in the mountains (and I find the ocean a tiny bit scary). Please please please write Jane and Unicorns! I will order an advance copy!

MickeyT. said...

I am so glad you quilt! Gives me another reason that I enjoy your blog so much.