Tuesday, September 3, 2013

What's New on the Shelf? You-Can't-Go-Wrong Edition

I've added lots of books to my shelves since the last time I posted this meme, although I do think my rate of book acquisition has slowed. That's okay! Like many of you I have no shortage of books.

The Affirmation, by Christopher Priest, came from Bookmooch from a reader in Australia. I love Christopher Priest. You can't go wrong with him if you love complicated, intellectually challenging reads. I've read three of his books so far- The Prestige, The Islanders and Inverted World- and they're all winners.

Cesar Aira's latest to be translated to English, The Hare, also found its way into my shopping bag. You can't go wrong with Aira if you love surrealist, absurdist and just plain crazy fiction that leaves you scratching your head and confused, yet somehow happy as well.

Pamela Erens' The Virgins caught my eye at work as it's about young love. It's published by Tin House, and you can't go wrong with Tin House if you love well-wrought, understated literary fiction by exciting new voices that aren't the ones that get hyped all over the place.

There's more, too- but too many to list right now. Maybe I'll do a galleys edition or something soon. What's new on your shelf?


Sandy Nawrot said...

You always have the best finds. I've been making a list of books for RIP, not that I'll ever get to them but it is nice to fantasize. Like maybe House of Leaves, Bellman & Black, Doctor Sleep? I need to find about ten more hours a day to read.

JoAnn said...

These are all new to me... you find such interesting books.

Ryan said...

I concur with Sandy Nawrot, you have the most interesting finds. I often come here just to browse stuff I would otherwise never see. You're like my bookstore.

Anna said...

I've never heard of these, but they sound really good. Thanks for sharing!