Saturday, October 3, 2015

Crafturday: The Phoebe Bag

The Phoebe bag is one of my favorite free purse patterns. I made this with a beautiful spring print and I love it.

It takes about a half yard of cotton for the interior and exterior (1 yard total), and I use a layer of ShapeFlex and Thermolam on the exterior, and a layer of ShapeFlex on the interior- so a half yard of Thermolam and a yard of ShapeFlex. I also used fusible fleece on the handle to make it sturdy, and added an interior zip pocket on this particular purse.

The basic pattern does not give instructions for the interior zip pocket or the recessed zipper. On the basic pattern the bag closes with a magnetic flap.

You can do so much with it and it provides a great canvas to show off pretty fabric. Here's a picture of the first one I made:

And I've made more, which I didn't photograph. But no matter.

Phoebe is available as a free download on Craftsy but if you want to make it to sell, you need to buy a license from the maker's Etsy store. It's worth it if you're a sewer! Either way it's about an hour an half of sewing time, not including cutting and fusing. I plan on stitching up a few for Christmas gifts this year. It's just a great little bag.


Kelly said...

I love the book fabric! I've made lined totebags, but haven't done the purse thing yet. I really need to get around to it too, because I can never find a purse that has the correct pockets/sized pockets. I guess I'm persnickety!!

Becca said...

I really love these and I wish I had any talent whatsoever in order to create them.