Thursday, October 1, 2015

What's New on the Shelf

Thanks for tuning in for another installment of what-random-collection-of-new-releases-and-used-bookstore-finds-have-landed-on-Marie's-shelves-since-last-time.

A Cat, A Man & Two Women is a collection of short stories by Japanese author Junichiro Tanizaki. I picked it up at Greenlight Books, one of my favorite NYC bookstores, because the title story is about a tortoiseshell cat and anyone who knows me, knows I love my tortie.

That's my Pandora being adorable on one of my quilts. I wish the cat on the book cover had been a tortie. Is that cat-washing?

I got a galley of David Mitchell's Slade House from a Shelf Awareness giveaway. I plan to read it soon!

The Unicorn, by Iris Murdoch, is one of the aforementioned used bookstore finds, from Housing Works in Soho. I love that place (I start volunteering there this week) and who can resist Iris Murdoch?

I got a galley of A Strangeness in my Mind, by Orhan Pamuk, from Random House. I've never read him, and this interested me as an epic story set in one of the world's great cities, and a place I haven't read that much about.

Finally, there's The Big Green Tent, Ludmila Ulitskaya's latest. I found a galley of this at Mercer Books, a fun used bookstore off of Bleeker Street. I'm about halfway through and loving it. I waited over a year to read her last book and I'm definitely not waiting this time!

That's it for me right now. What new things have you added to your TBR pile recently?

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