Monday, June 19, 2017

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

I kind of gave up on The Time Regulation Institute. Actually what happened was, I put it somewhere in my sewing room, and it got buried underneath some fabric, then I picked up another book and a few days later I was like, "what happened to that other book?" and realized I didn't know where it was.

The other book I picked up was Smoke, by Dan Vyleta, which I'm loving. It's set in an alternate late-nineteenth century England (or so) in a society where sin- bad feelings, anger, lust, etc.- manifests physically as smoke that rises from the skin. Three teenage members of the upper classes- two boys and a girl- find themselves on the wrong side of authority after they glean the beginnings of smoky secrets. I'm really enjoying its rich prose and forward-moving action and recommend it for readers of books like The Night Circus and The Magicians. It's out in paperback at the end of June and would be a great choice for the beachbag.
I'm also reading The Making of Jane Austen, by Devoney Looser, about how popular culture has shaped readers' understanding of Jane Austen and her novels from publication to the present day. It's fascinating and rich in detail.

And that's it for me right now. I was sick all last week so I didn't go to the gym, therefore no new gym book. But I'm hopeful that this week will be different!

What are you reading?

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