Saturday, July 29, 2017

Bookish Bucket List: Blogiversary Edition

As I approach my ten-year blogiversary (yes, it's been that long!) I've been looking back over some things I've had the chance to do and thinking about the things I'd still like to do.

Bookish Bucket List items I have achieved:
  • See a blurb from one of my reviews appear in a book (The City and The City, by China Mieville)
  • Visit a publisher's offices and meet the staff that makes the magic (Europa Editions, Other Press)
  • Collect signed first editions of Margaret Atwood's books
  • Complete my collection of Passage trilogy galleys
  • Actually read a book on the beach
  • Recommend a book to someone as a means of revenge (I only did that once)
  • Meet some really cool authors & interview them
  • Appear on a panel at a literary conference (Salem & Newburyport)
  • Join a book club (multiple times)
  • Lead a book club meeting (as a librarian)
  • Visit Powell's bookstore in Portland, OR
  • Volunteer at a book festival (Boston)
  • Attend Book Expo (three times)
Still on the Bookish Bucket List:
  • Visit a bookstore in each of our 50 states
  • Visit that gorgeous old bookstore in Portugal that ends up on all the lists, as well as Shakespeare & Company in Paris and other legendary bookstores around the world
  • Finish reading all of the Booker Prize winners
  • Finish Reinaldo Arenas's Pentagonia series
  • Meet A.S. Byatt (again, I met her in 1994 in Boston) and get my Folio Society edition of Possession signed
  • Find a Folio Society edition of The Handmaid's Tale and get Margaret Atwood to sign it
  • Publish a translation
  • Wear a Jane Eyre temporary tattoo to my job at the bookstore (easy, I can do that this week)
  • Arrange a book-blogger meetup in NYC
  • Start a bookstore book club
  • Attend a foreign book fair or trade show
  • Find a first edition of Elizabeth Bishop's Geography 3 or anything by Robert Frost.
  • Finish a draft of a novel that I would want to show anyone!
What are your bookish bucket list items? What have you done that you're proud of? Maybe it was a long series you finished, or a challenging book you took on and vanquished? Did you meet a favorite author or find a prized collectible? Visit a bookstore you'd always wanted to? I'd love to hear about your bookish accomplishments and dreams.


Mystica said...

I am definitely doing the Shakespeare bookshop in Paris this October!

Alexia561 said...

Congratulations on your upcoming 10 year blogiversary! Love your idea of a Bookish Bucket List! I've been to Book Expo but would love to go again one day. The biggest thing on my bucket list would be to meet my favorite author, Neil Gaiman. Pretty sure I wouldn't be able to form a coherent sentence, but it would be worth it!