Sunday, July 3, 2022

Sunday Salon- Taking the Week Off, Playing Piano

Well I feel like I'm off to a pretty strong start when it comes to relaunching my blog and my social media presence as a book person. I'm posting regularly here, got a new Insta up and going (@bostonbibliophile2) and reading blogs now and then. So that said I'll see you next week. Lol.

This has been a quiet week; just a little book mail, nothing big going on. Work is work, and I'm progressing on my piano lessons, working my way through the next few measures of "One Summer's Day."

For those of you who play piano, what books do you recommend for learning? I have a mess of things on the floor near my instrument but I'd love to hear your thoughts. (I have all of the Alfred's books you're supposed to have. My first teacher loved Alfred's but subsequent teachers have placed less emphasis on it. My current teacher had me work on the Duets book, which I loved doing, but we've moved off of that too.)

I'm pretty sure I'm DNF'ing the Jonah Rosenfeld collection. It is Such. A. Downer. I really can't take it anymore. I'm still counting it as a read book because I got more than halfway through it. And that was endurance test enough.

So onto better things, starting with Zac Bissonnette's A Killing in Costumes, a lightish mystery. Wish me luck!

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