Thursday, June 30, 2022

What I'm Listening To- David Sedaris

I almost forgot- I'm back into audiobooks!
I finished Wow, No Thank You, by the magnificent Samantha Irby (finally- it only took me since spring 2020 and Covid lockdown) and started David Sedaris's latest, Happy-Go-Lucky. I'm just a few essays in but it's got his usual mix of warmth, pathos and comedy. 

In the summer one of my favorite things is to take long walks around Hoboken with Sedaris in my ear; I laugh, and cry a little, and mostly laugh because he's hilarious and the best. It'll be with me for a while but it is walking weather so maybe it will go faster than I think. And we have some great new coffeeshops and gelaterias around for me to try, so who knows.

Do you do audiobooks? I used to only listen on my commute to Brooklyn but since I don't commute anymore.... walks around Hoboken it is. 

While I'm at it, I want to shout out, the audiobook source I use. They work with independent bookstores to provide a great alternative source for audio. They have a great selection and customer service and their app works on any device. And I don't have any affiliate relationship with them.

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