Monday, September 12, 2022

New On the Shelf


People Love Dead Jews, by Dara Horn, has been making the rounds among some of my friends. It's a book of essays about the various forms that antisemitism can take. Horn has written a number of novels including All Other Nights, which I reviewed back in 2009. I plan to read it once I'm done with my current nonfiction read.

Skippy Dies was a big-deal book when it came out and I had it in galley but never got around to it and gave it away. I found a copy at the bookstore where I volunteer and took it home with me. It's set in Ireland among a group of friends at a boys' school. I remember vividly the reading I attended with Paul Murray where an audience member, whom I recognized as a regular at local book events, asked the author some very provocative questions. I'm all about Ireland and Irish books so I'm looking forward to it.

The magnificent Joanna Smith Rakoff, a social media pal of mine, was asking on Twitter for "your favorite book you think no one else has read" and I offered a suggestion, H.S. Bhabra's Gestures; she promptly replied with this book, The Witch of Exmoor, so when I saw it at a library book sale later the same day I of course had to get it. She really has great taste and I'm sure I will enjoy this as I do all of her suggestions.

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