Sunday, September 11, 2022

Sunday Salon: It's Been a Slow/Busy Week

Not a ton of blogging this week; I didn't watch a movie on my weekly "me time" night and I've had a lot of things going on otherwise, so it's been a slow week on the blog. And I just haven't felt like posting a lot. We'll see if that changes this week.

I'm still reading the same books as last week (I'm so slow these days) though I did add a couple of new books to my collection. Hardcovers seem very expensive these days so I'm not buying them anymore (and I no longer have an employee discount to offset the cost), which has been slowing down my buying. Which is probably fine.

What's been going on? Not much and a lot. I've been volunteering, practicing music (I haven't had a lesson in a couple of weeks because my teacher has Covid) and trying to do attend to this and that.  It's one of those periods where even the little things feel like a lot. I'll try to get back to more blogging this week but I can't make any promises.

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