Sunday, October 2, 2022

Sunday Salon: Old Blog, New Look

How do you like the new look? I used the AI generator Dall-E to create my new logo artwork and I'm really pleased with my blog's new look. For funsies I created a Zazzle mug with the new logo; I have a mug with my old logo art too so I thought a new mug was appropriate under the circumstances.

I also made myself a new logo for the New on the Bookshelf meme. I might do one for It's Monday What Are You Reading, or Foreign Film Wednesday. It's kind of addictive.

I had a fairly busy week with this and that. The highlight was the visit to the Book Celler, which I wrote about yesterday. Speaking of yesterday, my quilting guild had its first meeting and while it was a little socially overwhelming, it was great to see everyone. And I picked up a book! My friend Emily gave away Paula Nadelstern's book Kaleidescopes Quilts. She is kind of a quilting legend and I'm excited to have this book.

My sewing blog got a new look, too- it's at I haven't posted on it in months despite completing a steady stream of charity quilts. I donated one yesterday at the meeting, for Ukrainian refugees. My friend Christine has collected over 200 quilts for Ukraine and was even featured in the local media for her work. She's amazing!

Today I think I'm just going to chill out at home, do homework and piano practice and heat up some apple cider. And probably read something. My town was supposed to have an arts and music festival but it was canceled due to the rain. So it's a good day to curl up in a sweatshirt and just stay inside.

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